I have always known what I wanted to do in my life and I am happy that I have managed to follow this path.

I have been working with textiles over the last 10 years. While studying textiles in art college, I came familiar with techniques like weaving, machine knitting, silk painting, felting, tapestry weaving and etc.

My favourite techniques have been felting and machine knitting, often also combined. Over the last few years i have specialised in felting and more I felt, more i will discover about it and more I want to felt.

I love working with felting techniques as felt can be very versatile ranging from the finest silk scarves to bulky fabrics. I love experimenting with different materials and fibre.

I love that more you learn about felt, then the more there is to love about it.  

I live in the beautiful and quiet countryside of Estonia (the most North country of the Baltic States, Europe) with my husband and our three young children. We have a sheep farm and a small herd of Dexter cows.

Over the years I have also been teaching a range of different workshops and courses - mainly in different techniques of felting but also in other craft areas. As I am passionate about the materials and fibre I use in my work, I started my own small flock of fine wool sheep.

Wherever possible I am trying to use my own wool in my creations and recently I have learnt to spin yarn from my own sheep wool.

The Estonian countryside is beautiful with lots of forests, lakes and wildlife. I find a lot of my inspiration from my peaceful surroundings while i work in my home barn studio.

If you love felting, I hope you will find some inspiration from my work. 

Reena Curphey